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A Smoothie a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

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What is the 'BOOK' About...

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A Smoothie a Day Keeps the Doctor Away Series represents nearly twenty years of research from the knowledge bank of Chad Napier. Napier, who was a Professional Athlete in Martial Arts found himself years after retirement over 30 pounds overweight. Perplexed with himself, Napier, a Health Advocate, started a deep search within his own habits, which led comically to smoothies, as this was a staple in Napier’s daily routine.

Napier believes that creating a strong Foundation is a must for success in any area of your life, especially in Health. He mentions, “If your house was built on a weak foundation, what would happen?” What would happen over time? This is common sense but now apply the exact concept to your Life and Health.

A Smoothie a Day Keeps the Doctor Away is written for families and individuals who want to take control of their Life and Health. Napier has a very simple approach to Health. Let's follow him through A Smoothie a Day Keeps the Doctor Away.

What Other People are Saying...

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I was introduced to Chad about 10 years ago by a mutual friend and ended up running into him on a regular basis over the years. There was one gap between times I saw Chad and when I saw him after a year lapse, I had to do a double take. The person I was looking at had Chad's voice and Chad’s facial features (although much narrower cheeks, etc.) and looking at him looking further it was impossible not to notice Chad had shed almost 30 pounds! Being a health advocate myself, I smiled and said: “Chad Napier…Is that you? Congratulations! What happened to you and what did you do?” In addition to a drastic change in physical appearance, I immediately noticed Chad exuded an intangible energy and aura that you've probably noticed in extremely healthy, happy confident people. Chad replied: “I radically changed my diet. About a year ago, I decided to really make a commitment to eat healthy.” I believe that was the genesis for Chad's inspiring book.

When people ask me to contribute to, endorse, or promote their health book, website, product, or documentary film, 

I’m happy to do so under a few conditions:


 Is the author, inventor, or producer healthy himself? Is he or she ‘walking the walk’?

REAL or True

Is the information and/or the message real and true? 


Is the message a lasting one, or is it a fad or trend? 


Finally, is it a simple message that makes common sense?

In Chad's case, he’s the real deal and he started from the very place most Americans find themselves. Not necessarily obese, not necessarily sick, but in the ‘social norm’ of being a few pounds overweight and plodding through life. I look at Chad now (after his complete transformation several years ago) as a fit, healthy, energetic, positive person who consistently lives his message everyday. Chad originally wrote this book to share his message to help people, not for the money. Without giving away the “juicy” parts inside this book, his information and message can be summed up by starting your day with a 100% natural, nutritious meal (smoothie). Chad also makes the important point that a healthy smoothie is only as healthy as the fresh, all-natural fruits and vegetables YOU put in it. Not some processed “smoothie beverage” with added ingredients, packaged & shipped to your local 7-11 or grocery store where it’s been sitting on the shelf for days or weeks. I've been enjoying smoothies as my breakfast of choice for over 20 years and Chad's critically important message conveyed in the title “A Smoothie a Day Keeps the Doctor Away” is true. One’s health is the consistency of your daily choices. So many people try a supplement, try a magic juice potion, try a fad diet, or switch to some special new regimen, only to be let down after a few weeks. Chad is well educated about nutrition and health and when he finally made the decision several years ago to instill this daily habit (as well as other healthy habits), it changed his life forever. Chad himself, his books, and his blogs have made a positive difference in many people’s lives and hopefully the new version of this book will reach many more including you if you follow his advice!             

It’s an honor for me to endorse this book and Chad's sincere message. If you get a chance to meet Chad or hear him speak, you’ll know first hand that he not only transformed himself, but he is on a mission to transform others to also be able to enjoy a healthy, happy, energetic life. Cheers to your daily smoothies & to your excellent health! 

I'm Feeling a Little Gutsy....


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picture of Chad Napier after losing weight

Now, even though, I look like I am in shape and go to the gym. I do. But, there is a BIG BUT...When I originally lost all my weight, I believe around 35-40 pounds, I was not working out or attending a gym. I originally lost all my weight by not going to the gym or even working out. For me, once I lost my weight, I then started working out again. 

SECRET here is that we have things backwards. You see, when we think about losing weight or getting in better shape we think it is ALL DONE IN THE FITNESS CENTER. But, that is far from the truth. It's not about EATING and then LOSING THE WEIGHT IN THE GYM. Exercise is important, don't get me wrong, but Exercise is a Regeneration Technique, not a losing weight technique. 

This is the REAL SECRET...What you are eating should be helping you lose weight and increase your health & then, you use the Fitness Center to help with Regeneration. 

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Thoughts by Daniel Garza

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 One of my favorite questions growing up was, “What is your 5-year plan?” I always had some great answers. At every stage of my adult life I could magically look into the future and see the road laid before me. Where it started, what the journey was like, and where it ended.

Well, I thought I did.

            The first time I was asked was before graduating high school. I knew that I didn’t want to go to college. I wanted to learn a trade and get to work. I would work for a company, work my way up and be one of the youngest bosses.

It almost worked out that way.

             Then in my early 20’s I would change jobs. Work for an attorney, learn from the inside out, become a top personal assistant. Meet people, learn new things, travel. Meet the love of my life over a glass of champagne at a fancy party and live in a downtown city loft.

It almost worked out that way.

            In my late 20’s I was dating a well-known person in the city. Worked in a cool restaurant where I thought I would move up to manage, be well-known. Make the restaurant the best possible; be named in a local magazine, become important.

It almost worked out that way.

            See by the time I was the age of 21, I was already a drug addict and alcoholic. By the age of 30, I was diagnosed with AIDS. By 37, I had gone through rehabilitation. At 45, I have beaten and overcame a hernia, cancer, and live with a colostomy. It’s working out.

            I don’t remember at any point saying to any employer, interviewer, or my parents, “I’m going to work hard, get AIDS, get promoted, get cancer, and retire.” Wait what? No, getting sick at any point in my life was not in my plan, but it happened.

            I look back and wonder what I could have read, who should I have spoken to. What was that magical tea that I need to drink every morning to stop the virus that are responsible for creating the cells that are responsible for reproducing… wait what?

That’s the thing, we get overwhelmed by all the information that tell us what we shouldn’t do but not what or how to modify our lives to avoid getting sick. Not change our lives completely but just modify a little, just a little.

            I still wonder if I had modified a little thing, anything. What? I don’t know. Something. Something to not expose myself to HIV, not drown my pain in alcohol, not do that line of coke, and not get cancer. What? I don’t know.   

           I often ask God, “After all I’ve been through, what else do you have for me to see?” My friends discourage me from tempting Him. I’m not trying to ‘poke the bear’; I’m curious what God’s 5-year plan is.

Charles Darwin said,

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent,  but the one most responsive to change.”

    If that’s the case I want to modify the question to, “What’s my plan for the next 50 years?” Based on that quote I have adjusted to so much change—My body, my mind, and my spirit. They have changed so much from the first time I was asked that question.

 I never would have imagined the journey I have been on. If I could go back in time, would I change anything? My head says no. I learned so much, I’ve lived so much, and I’ve experienced so much. I don’t want to lose all of it. It’s made me the man I am.                       

But my heart… my heart wants to go back. It wants to go back so bad and change, modify, adjust whatever I need to do to not be sick, not be drunk, not be high—To not. I think of all I’ve been through and it hurts my heart.         

I guess I’m telling you all this so that as your read on you can start changing, modifying, adjusting what you need to make sure that 5 years down the road you are not debating between your head and your heart.          

I leave you now and ask with a grin, “Tell me, what’s your plan for the next 5 years?”

What You Will Learn Inside
'A Smoothie a Day Keeps the Doctor Away'

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How "The 3 C's are causing Mass Confusion in Health!

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How to create a stronger Foundation and Implementation in Health!

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How "The SImple & Easy Approach" is the key to Great Health!

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How "Smoothies" offer a Great Healing and Regeneration approach within the body!