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I am a SEO-Preneur

This week on SEO B.S., we are going to kick start becoming a Badass SEO-Preneur. Now, you may be wondering, “What the heck is a SEO-Preneur?” Don’t worry, we will get to that in a second. But first, say with me “I am a SEO-Preneur!”


Let me be frank with you! An SEO-Preneur takes no shit, period! We are badass, take control, build, never quit, and we create our own destiny. 

SEO-Preneur’s Are Sick and Tired?

Are you just plainly sick and tired?

Are you sick and tired of Marketing Agencies taking advantage of you. Taking your hard earned money with no results to show for it. Maybe, you might think marketing agencies do not take advantage of their clients but did you get results that you expected? If the answer is a “no,” well, I rest my case. 

picture of seo-preneur mottoLet me tell you. I have worked in established, not so-established and start-up marketing agencies; and they all do the same. Their main goal is to make money like any other company; and scale like any other company. If a marketing agency wants to scale and make more profits, they need more clients. But, they usually keep the same number of staff. Most agencies have a very lean team of staff.

The two main downfalls for agencies are:

1. They have too many clients, which then they HAVE to become a cookie-cutter agency (they give the same advice to all their clients). They don’t have to time to give you personal attention.

2. In most cases, their staff are severely under-qualified. You will be surprised. A lot of staff in marketing agencies might only have 6 months of experience; and sometimes no experience.

Now maybe…

You have been working like a “mofo” and just not getting results. Maybe, some days or weeks, you feel like throwing your computer out the window (I know I have)!

Maybe its a combination of frustration, not getting results and feeling like no one can help you. 


You are in a good position with your business but need some help to get to the next level.

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Now, most of you might already know what SEO means or what SEO can do for expanding your business but lets do a little review in the video below.



picture of Why SEO is Important for Small Business featured imageFurther, you can read the article on “Why is SEO Important for Small Business.”  And, you can also read “Why SEO is Important for Your Online Success.”

For a recap within search engine optimization (SEO), lets dive into some to the basics.

What we have to understand, SEO is going to be in every section of digital marketing; it is going to even branch to other departments that have customer contact either online or personally. Further, it is going to even branch out to the CEO and COO because of Company Branding.

So, basically, your whole company is online. Every aspect of it! In other words, SEO is going to be in every single aspect of your company’s online presence, even if you run paid ads.

When you here about On-page, Off-page, Technical, and Local SEO, just keep it simple. It can get confusing. Just understand that SEO will be in every aspect of your company and online success. 

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Open Enrollment for SEO-Preneurs

I am excited to announce at Conquering SEO, we have expanded to help other entrepreneurs conquer their own marketing and SEO as well. This Open Enrollment is only for 4 entrepreneurs (4 client ONLY). 

picture of OPEN ENROLLMENT for seo-preneurs for instagramThe best part is…I’m the one doing all your SEO for your company. I do not pass it along to assistants with 6 months of experience like other marketing agencies. I work personally with all my clients. That is the reason WHY I keep a very low client count. I am here to get my clients results, period.

If you need more information or to send an email, go to https://conqueringseo.com/become-a-client/ or click Become an SEO-Preneur today. 


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