Gut Health: The Breeding Room to All Disease & Cancer

         The Title, “Gut Health: The Breeding Room to All Disease & Cancer!,” is very interesting; and especially the ultra-related famous quote by Hippocrates that “All Disease Begins in the Gut,” and this often brings up an enormous amount of debates in the good-ole topics in Health via Disease and Cancer.

           First and foremost, have you ever heard of this quote or statement? I bet at some point in your life or maybe in school, you have. If you have not, this will be your first time. The amazing part is that this statement was made over (2,000) years ago. Yes, it has been that long, many centuries ago. One would think and hope that all the advances in modern medicine and science, the entire human race would be Disease-Free. Instead, Disease & Cancer are rising by extraordinary numbers, and the numbers are not by the hundreds or thousands, try millions. Yes, I said, “Millions!” Yet again, Hippocrates, “All Disease Begins in the Gut”, made this simple quote more than (2,000) years ago!

           The question remains, “Is this statement true?” Does all disease start in the gut, as Hippocrates has stated. And, this even includes, the infamous title, “Gut Health: The Breeding Room to All Disease & Cancer!,”What do think? I know you have an opinion? So, Lets go ahead and examine this quote, shall we?

           First, lets keep this simple! When we are focusing upon gut health, “What are the signs of an unhealthy digestion?” The list is pretty astounding, some of you will certainly be aware of all the diseases related to gut health; and others might even state, “Wait a minute Chad, I do not believe it,” but, of course, on the contrary, lets begin:

  • acid reflux, throat and nose issues (clearing throat, runny nose, etc.), gas/bloating, inflammation anywhere in the body, skin disorders anywhere on the body, negative reactions to food, Loose stools or constipation, diabetes, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, autism, spectrum disorder, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, food allergies, general allergies, chronic viral infections, genital infections, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis and biliary disease, tuberculosis, meningitis, malignancy, arthritis, clinical infections, autoimmune disorders, and even colon cancer.

          Okay, let me take a breather…lol. Let’s start again, shall we: 

  • asthma, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, cancer, obesity, pain disorders, depression, arthritis, headaches, diminished memory, fatigue, low energy, loss of muscle strength and poor endurance, obesity, dizziness, muscle aches and a low fever, constipation, heartburn, ulcers, angina pain, lower back pain, rheumatoid joint pain, colitis pain, fibromyalgia pain, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), allergies, arterial plaque, strokes, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, heart failure, Type II diabetes, juvenile diabetes, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, scleroderma, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Lou Gehrig’s, lupus, Vitiligo, and Crohn’s.

        I would have to only assume, most of our population has some sort of the issues above either at a minor level or advanced. And, I am not even mentioning all of the Autoimmune Diseases (which are associated with gut health); by the way, there are over one hundred (100) different types of autoimmune diseases as of today.

          Even with Autoimmune Diseases, we have to understand that depending upon which type of Autoimmune Disease that I am referencing, it effects our: 

  • Heart, Kidney, Liver, Lung, Skin; our Glands (Adrenal glands, Multi-glandular, Pancreas, Thyroid Gland, and Salivary Glands); our Reproductive Organs; our Digestive System; our Blood, Connective Tissues, Muscles, Nervous System, Eyes, Ears; and our Vascular System. 
picture of a gut having a sick Tummy

                   Poor digestion will eventually cause our health to break down to more advanced issues.

          Are you getting overwhelmed, or maybe you are second-guessing the information stated above?

           Lets keep moving on! If all this information is true and accurate, “Gut Health: The Breeding Room to All Disease & Cancer,” then the question becomes “How do we obtain a healthy gut?”

 Here are some tips: 

  • We need to restore a proper balance of the microbes living within our gut by providing abundant probiotics (the good Flora). We have to remember that our bodies and digestion system relies on proper enzymes and healthy microbes (Flora) to work with pathogenic bacteria and to produce anti-bacterial cultures in order to strengthen the intestinal walls and to support our immune system.
  • We need to provide adequate amounts of minerals and vitamins as these provide our gut the building blocks it needs to function properly.
  • We need to stop damaging the intestinal wall, which is accomplished by removing stress, tension and fear.
  • A colon cleanse is generally necessary to release built up fecal matter from the inside of the intestinal wall which, if present, is poisoning one from within their gut, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

           Now, when discussing the topics of Gut Flora and Colon Cleanses (detoxification), An excellent example of detoxification and regeneration is Alexis Carrel’s chicken heart tissues that stayed alive from 1912-1946. For thirty-four (34) years at the Rockefeller Institute in New York City, the chicken heart tissue cultures remained alive and were continuously dividing new cells. At this time, this gave rise to the popularity of Cell Immortality and Cellular Aging (anti-aging), as the normal life span of a chicken was only seven (7) to eight (8) years.

          According to research and documentation the only reason the chicken heart tissue cultures were terminated was do to Mr. Carrel’s retirement in 1939 and his associates eventually leaving the Rockefeller Institute. The chicken heart tissue cultures were finally discarded in 1946. Let me emphasis this again, the chicken heart tissues were discarded, thrown away…they did not die! 

          Of course, people will always ask, “How does this example relate to detoxification or even gut health in general?” The reason the chicken heart tissue cultures stayed alive for thirty-four (34) years is that every two (2) or three (3) days, Mr. Carrel or his associates changed the water the tissues were submerged in because the chicken heart tissue was producing waste, to eliminate the waste they had to discard the old water and replace with new water. This is the method the Mr. Carrel used to keep the chicken heart tissue cultures alive for nearly six (6) times the normal life span of a chicken.

          Comparing our body to a chicken is comical and funny but at a cellular level, we are no different. Our bodies produce Cellular and Bodily Waste and if that waste is not eliminated properly and quickly enough through urination, bowl movements and sweat; then cellular damage starts to occur and eventually disease and premature aging increases. This is what we have understand, what happens when our body does not excrete bodily or cellular waste efficiently? Do you know? It lingers in our body and get gets picked up by our blood stream and cardiovascular system, and gets reabsorbed in our body. 

         This is the very reason “Why” people are encouraged to do some sort of Bowel or Colon Cleanse.  Besides being a way of quick evacuation of feces, different forms of cleansing, like enemas, can also help bring remedies directly to the bowel. Here are a few reasons why people use bowel cleansers, enemas, colonics, and ect…

  1. To repopulate the colon with healthy bowel flora to promote discharge of bile (coffee enemas).
  2. Quickly evacuate content of the colon in case of an acute illness or constipation).
  3. To promote healing of inflammatory bowel diseases.
  4. Combat chronic constipation
  5. Remove heavy metals from intestinal walls
  6. To kill parasites
  7. Pleasant and headache free fasting experience.

           What we have to understand and realize the use of colonics, colon cleanses and enemas have been used to treat many diseases and even cancer for hundreds of years.

           One of the best examples is with Dr. Max Gerson (October 18, 1881 – March 8, 1959), which in his early years in medicine was treating people with severe migraine headaches and skin tuberculosis; soon expanded to terminal tuberculosis with all from a strict diet. Even Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Dr. Albert Schweitzer stated, “I see in Dr. Max Gerson one of the most eminent geniuses in the history of medicine.”

           Many years later, while Dr. Max Gerson was practicing in Manhattan, a woman dying of stomach and gall bladder cancer approached him. Having heard of his famous tuberculosis treatment, she begged him to apply it in her case but Dr. Max Gerson refused due to the enormous political pressure from his medical colleagues. After continual pleas from the woman, Dr. Gerson finally agreed to treat her in secret, and she was eventually cured. From that moment on Dr. Gerson admitted that he could no longer turn his face away from this deadly plague of cancer and began to treat people given up to die by their own and personal medical doctors.

           Rapidly, Dr. Max Gerson’s name began to spread and as a consequence, on July 1-3, 1946, he was called to testify before the United States Senate at a hearing for the Pepper- Neely Anti-Cancer Bill, which was designed to appropriate (100) million dollars in funding for anyone who could show promise in the realm of cancer treatment. Dr. Max Gerson presented five of his formerly “terminal” patients before the committee and the complete records of five additional patients. So shocked were those in the room was the renowned ABC news broadcaster, Raymond Gram Swing, present at the testimony, went on his national radio broadcast that night and announced to the entire nation that a cure for cancer had been discovered. Unfortunately the dark forces of medicine were also listening and from that point on Dr. Max Gerson became a “Marked and Censured Man” and the Pepper-Neely Anti-Cancer Bill (Document # 8947 of the United States Archives) was defeated by four (4) senators who were also medical doctors.

           Over the next 13 years, Dr. Max Gerson would lose his membership privileges to the New York State Medical Society; be prohibited from publishing his work in peer-reviewed medical journals; In 1953, his malpractice insurance was discontinued; In 1958, Dr. Gerson published a book in which he claimed to have cured 50 terminal cancer patients: A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50 Cases, which The National Cancer Institute evaluated his claims and concluded that his data showed no benefit from his treatment. They stated that the therapy is both ineffective and dangerous.

           In summary, Dr. Max Gerson’s therapy was based on the belief that disease is caused by the accumulation of unspecified toxins, and attempts to treat the disease by having patients consume a predominantly vegetarian diet including hourly glasses of organic juice and various dietary supplements. Animal proteins are excluded from the diet under the unproven premise that tumors develop as a result of pancreatic enzyme deficiency. In addition, patients receive enemas of coffee, castor oil and sometimes hydrogen peroxide or ozone.

How do obtain Gut Health?


Now, the ultimate question is becoming “How does are Body Naturally Detox?”

Lets review how are Body Naturally Detoxes:

  1. Urination
  2. Bowel Movements
  3. Sweet

          Of course, our body detoxes on a cellular level, but these are the three (3) main ways our body detoxes. Again, what happens when our body does not excrete waste, as it should? It lingers in our system, then our blood (cardiovascular and circulatory systems) pick it up and it gets reabsorbed. This process, right here, is what makes people sicker and sicker, especially if they have a disease or cancer.

           The common denominator between people who have a serious Disease or Cancer is that they have tremendous Gut Issues, which in turn, prohibit their body to properly detox. It inhibits urination, bowel movements and even sweating. When our three (3) major ways our body detoxes are inhibited, what do you think is going to happen? The Risk of Disease and Cancer increases!

How do obtain Gut Health?

         What makes health hard nowadays is that there is so much bogus information on the topics within Wealth, Health, & Prosperity. And of course, within the area of Health, a lot of health gurus fall into the greatest sin in the industry and just tell people what they want to hear (immediate gratification) in order to sell product; even if the products are good or bad; or positive or negative! 

          This greatest sin makes people distrust Health Gurus or even gurus in general no matter what field of expertise. People nowadays, especially in the online world of the internet and online marketing, people do not know who to trust anymore. Skepticism is on the rise and fills our minds. And again, mostly because we have been taken advantage of by these so-called gurus; and unfortunately, have wasted our hard-earned money. 

          I understand and I have been there with you. I myself have many times purchased programs and so-called Walk-Through videos, to only be extremely disappointed in the service of gurus, or a lack of a better word, an amateur. Furthermore, knowingly that most guru’s extremely up-sell their products to the point of literally lying to the general public is one of the main reasons why many years ago, I left the industry and took a long hiatus. But, also, this is the main reason “WHY” I am returning to this industry, to help get the industry back in shape again! To help get rid of the so-called gurus who are only in this industry to manipulate people. They either need to shape up or get out!!! Period!

           First and foremost, when I explain how to get gut healthy, remember, this is only a blog with quick education, tips and tricks.  I cannot explain every little education, tip or trick in detail.  I am trying to keep it as basic as I possibly can. But, keep at it. Keep at your personal development and acquiring new information for our personal library. 

           Lets continue with Gut Health: The Breeding Room to All Disease & Cancer! We have to understand that most of the food that we eat is loaded with chemicals and synthetics. Further, most food that people eat is either prepackaged, premade, or precooked; or all three. At this point, we have to understand that almost all the food we purchase in the store is one of the three, if not all of the three listed above. This is what causes constipation, which disables our body to properly, and efficiently detoxes bodily and cellular waste.

          To keep it simple, we need to be eating food that is found in nature—Whole foods, Fruits and Veggies. Foods that have not been altered, pasteurized, irradiated, heated, microwaved and so forth; which are foods that do not contain chemicals or artificial ingredients. Remember, when foods contain chemicals or artificial ingredients, our body has to work harder to excrete them out of our body, which is a catch-22 because if we are already constipated and our bodily toxins are again, being reabsorbed throughout our body system, than on top of this, we are adding even more toxins to our body in the form of food additives, artificial ingredients and chemicals. So, in essence, a war is going on inside of our body.

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