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El Nido Island

Hello Friends,


This is a New Year. Like many of us, we all set New Year Resolutions. Did you know that the Number (1) Resolution is “How to Lose Weight?” But, Unfortunately did you know that only 8% will achieve their Goals and Resolutions. That’s 92% of people will fail to achieve their Goals and Resolutions!


Let’s break this habit; and achieve what we say and what we state our goals to be. Conquering Your Health & New Year Resolutions must be a priority! We must make it a habit to achieve and do what we have stated. We must “walk the talk!”


First, let me help and mentor you. Remember, the most successful people in the world have mentors and coaches. The most successful just do not have mentors in Business and how to increase cashflow; they have mentors and coaches in every area of their life. Let me help you!


From experience, many people set goals and never achieve them. The question is “Why?”  If we never achieve a goal, and create a habit of never achieving goals, we then become complacent. Subconsciously we do not take the goal serious and often we already know we are not going to achieve it. So, we just go through life continually setting goals but never achieving them. In other words, we are creating a habit of being unsuccessful!


I have seen this happen thousands of times while helping people set goals. In the past, we use to set daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly goals. The key is to start backwards, start with a big goal and work backwards to smaller and simpler goals. For example, Monthly Goals -> Weekly Goals -> Daily Goals. In other wards, I know exactly what I need to accomplish Daily to achieve my Monthly Goal. We can see how a small and tiny goal with some consistency and persistency can become an achieved bigger goal. 


The same can be done with Yearly Goals. Yearly Goals -> Semi-Annual Goals -> Quarterly Goals -> Monthly Goals -> Weekly Goals -> Daily Goals. You can even get more specific if need be. 


Okay, let’s start. Let’s say you want to lose weight….Well….How much weight exactly? Be specific! If you are vague, it will be harder to accomplish. If you want to be in better shape, well….what kind of shape? Do you have an image in mind or a picture to go by. The secret is, “You need to be very specific! 


For example, let’s say you want to lose 20 pounds in excess weight. That’s your main goal! But, lets break it down and get more specific. We know that it is healthy to lose 1-pound per week, which equates to 4-pounds per month; in a quarter lose 12-pounds. Losing 20-pounds is around a (6) month goal (semi-annual)! 


So, Semi-Annual Goal Achieved: lose (20)-pounds -> Quarterly Goal Achieved: lose (12) pounds -> Monthly Goal Achieved: Lose (4) pounds -> Weekly Goal Achieved: lose (1) pound -> Daily Goals ???


What are we doing Daily to achieve our weekly goals? I am only assuming some type of physical fitness program and adjusting our meal patterns daily. But, the secret here is to take a Big Goal and work backwards. 


Another tip, is if you are never achieving your Resolutions or Goals, from experience, maybe you are setting too “BIG” of a goal. Lower your goal a little bit. I am not saying to make it easier, but the important secret is to have SUCCESS! Have success achieving your goals no matter how tiny they may seem. The issue is, right now you are not having any success, you do not know what success feels like; you become complacent in life for not achieving anything; your mind just checks-out when setting goals and resolutions. That is why it is so important to have “Tiny Successes,” and CELEBRATE those successes often. This is an ultimate secret for Conquering Your Health & New Year Resolutions!


Second, we need to continue to learn and educate ourselves on the topic of health. As, unfortunately enough, there are too many fallacies in our society focusing on Health. This is the reason I want to assist in developing your knowledge.


Third, we need to set aside a small monthly budget for our own personal development. I continue to do this till this day; I purchase books every month for my personal library, and I actually read them…lol. Remember, I apply everything to my life that I am sharing with you. 

A Smoothie a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

A Smoothie a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Fourth, Pick up the book “A Smoothie a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!” It is available on Amazon and Kindle. Get started on your personal development today, not tomorrow, not next week or next month but TODAY!


This is the first book in the series, and it is not just a smoothie recipe book. It is the “Why” smoothies are healthy. The 1st section of the book discusses the benefits of smoothies and the 2nd section of the book focuses on the “How” to make smoothies and of course some tips and secrets.


In health, we need to understand the “Why” we are eating healthier, drinking smoothies, juicing, detoxing and so forth. If we do not have a strong enough “WHY” we soon quit and give up or jump to the next marketing gimmick. And, we continue to jump around with no results and with no real education. We soon get bogged down thinking nothing works.


I am here to tell you, you can achieve all your health goals; you can get healthy, you can kick disease in the buttock, you can kick cancer to the curb, and we can do this together! You can take control  “Conquering Your Health & New Year Resolutions!”