Blood Cancers

I am only assuming you are reading this blog because you or maybe a close loved one is diagnosed with Blood Cancer. At this point, it doesn’t matter WHAT type of Blood Cancer you may have (Leukemia, MDS, Myeloma, Lymphoma or any other type of Rare Blood Cancer) all Blood Cancers are the same. We might name them differently but within our body, they pretty much respond the same to our body systems. Does that make sense?

Probably not right!!!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Chad Napier and I have more than 25 years of experience in Research & Development within Nutrition & Holistic Nutrition; and nearly 17 years of experience in extensive research with Blood Cancers & Lymphoma.

Now, the reason I say Lymphoma is because my dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma when he was in his mid-thirties. AND, it didn’t stop there. My dad struggled for nearly (16) years until finally the Lymphoma won.

Book: Conquering Lymphoma


During these (16) years, my dad was in-and-out of remission. The Lymphoma kept on reoccurring; and over the years, I was flabbergasted with ‘Why does this monster keep on reoccurring?’

This is WHAT led me to intensely research this monster. And, along the way, I published a book called, “Conquering Lymphoma: A Holistic Guide to Eliminating the Root Cause of Blood Cancer & Lymphoma.”

Now, what I learned was amazing…

With all my research, I started noticing that all “BLOOD CANCERS” are very similar to each other. Which takes me back to my original question:

Do you think that all blood cancers are the same OR are they different?

You see, one of the reasons WHY we have such a hard time defeating Disease & Cancer is that there are a million different names for each and every disease and cancer out there. And, this is the same for a Blood Cancer.

We think just because someone has Lymphoma and another person has Leukemia, they are totally different. But, they are relatively the same. Yes, the only difference is that the Blood Cancer may start in a different area of the body but it behaves the same way with all our body systems. This is exactly why I always say…

A Blood Cancer is a Blood Cancer keep it simple!

Watch the Video Training below to know just HOW similar the 4 main types of Blood Cancers really are…

That was a great video above, wasn’t it? Now, what really flabbergasted me about my dad’s Lymphoma was that over the sixteen (16) years, he was in-and-out of remission around 6-7 times, maybe even more. But, the last time it reoccurred was the most vicious, and the ‘Blood Cancer’ finally won.

What we have to understand is that all the Chemotherapy & the medications are only their to treat the symptoms, not to treat the root cause WHY someone has a blood cancer in the first place. This is the same reason why my dad’s lymphoma kept on reoccurring. My dad was not going to the root to solve the issue.

Even though, my book “Conquering Lymphoma: A Holistic Guide to Eliminating the Root Cause of Blood Cancer & Lymphoma,” is titled Lymphoma, it represents all BLOOD CANCERS. Every single chapter in the book has a remedy YOU NEED TO BE DOING ASAP. Further, every remedy is linked back to ‘HOW’ it relates to a Blood Cancer. 

As a side note, I am not totally against the medical and pharmaceutical industry but I feel we have lost our way. Medication was never met to treat every single illness. It was met to get your disease or cancer under control then use other remedies to get to the root cause of that illness. What we are doing to not working. Just look at the stats:

Cancer Statistics

1 out of 2 MEN will develop Cancer sometime in their lifetime.

1 out of 3 WOMEN will develop Cancer sometime in their lifetime.

Disease and Cancer is increasing by the millions and it is because we are trying to treat it with synthetic medications & treatments when these are ONLY met to treat the symptoms NOT the root of the issue.

This is what drove me to understand this enemy. If you want to beat this enemy, YOU have to KNOW this enemy. You have to know it from the inside and outside. YOU have to know its strengths and weaknesses. Period!!!

If you are diagnosed with a Blood Cancer

If you are diagnosed with a Blood Cancer, I feel you. I know what you are going through and I know what your siblings are going through, as I was one. I know how it tears apart families & even the finances.

I am here for you! And, I can help you, I really can.

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Chad Napier