How a 12-year Old Boy Mastered the Secrets of Success

I just got back from a much needed relaxing Spring Break which was filled with celebration and of course, recuperation.  What encouraged me to write this article of on “How a 12-year old Boy Mastered the Secrets of Success” was with a Congratulations column I wrote before Spring Break about Liam my son; which he INSPIRED me with his DEDICATION, and this led to the inspiration that sparked a further discussion and interest for adults on How a 12-year old Boy Mastered the Secrets of Success in life.

Especially, nowadays, we all have heard of the Law of Attraction, The Secret, and Think and Grow Rich but these have caused a tremendous debate between majority of the population because most people do not think it works and further, it is just all mumbo-jumbo, a waste of time, or some type of gimmick just to sell to people!

          Is this concept true? Are the “secrets of success all hog-wash, a scheme, or even a lie? Even though, we all agree there is a tremendous separation between the middle class and the ultra successful/wealthy. Is it only luck, connections, in the family OR does The Secrets of Success really work? 

How a 12-Year Old Boy Mastered the Secrets of Success

How a 12-year Old Boy Mastered the Secrets of Success

          Lets take look at a the life of Liam for a moment, on How a 12-year old Boy Mastered the Secrets of Success and who ultimately applied the Secrets of Success to his own life. 

          Liam got accepted into Brentwood for the 7th Grade! So, again, CONGRATULATIONS to Liam for his Hard Work and Dedication to follow through on his dream school.  Now, for some of you that do not know of Brentwood, it is a private school with a very low acceptance rate for the 7th grade. It is a tremendous school!

          Liam worked tremendously hard for nearly one (1) year studying for the ISEE test (which by the way, is a high school equivalent test), seeking a private tutor/mentor, writing many personal essays, filling out applications and going on personal interviews! Furthermore, times this by five (5) because, Liam applied to five separate schools, Brentwood being his Number One Choice of course. 

          Let me point out quickly that this would be hard for any adult to stay Persistent throughout an entire year, furthermore, not to lose hope and quit. Liam, a 12-year old boy conquered this! I am talking about a 12-year old boy, not a forty-year old. 

          Liam’s Persistence and Desire to succeed paid off! He took ACTION  on his Dreams and Succeeded! 

The Outline of Liam’s Success

          Now, the proof is in the pudding! The outline of Liam’s success was having a Desire and a Dream mixed with a little Obsession! Wrapped up with some  FaithImagination  and  Visualization! Liam then formulated a  Plan of Action  to achieve his Desires and Dream School; and boxed into the ultimate “Persistence” to carry through until Liam’s Dreams became a Reality!

          I am very proud of Liam for conquering his Dream School and putting the Secrets of Success into action! This prompted me to ask several questions: 

Why don’t most adults succeed?

Most adults don’t even believe in the Secrets of Success?

People have lost hope in achieving their Dreams, Passions and Desires?

How a 12-Year Old Boy Mastered the Secrets of Success

Lets review what actions Liam took to achieve his Dream School!
  1. Liam had a Desire to attend Brentwood!
  2. He Believed and had Faith that he could attend Brentwood!
  3. Liam applied his Imagination and Vision by going to Brentwood’s campus many times. 
  4. He had great Organization of his Plans and Deadlines. 
  5. Liam surrounded himself with a Great Mastermind Group.
  6. He stayed away from Negative Influences (dream suckers).
  7. Liam fed his Subconscious Mind with Positivity!
  8. Lastly, Liam was Persistent until his Dream become a Reality. 

         The great thing I notice about children and young teenagers, they tend to do all the above Naturally! They tend to follow the Law of the Universe, the Law of Success, the Laws of God, no matter what we may call it, Naturally! It’s not until the school system teaches otherwise. Maybe it’s not cool anymore to have an Imagination because it is childish. Even parents teach that the secrets to success is non-sense; but in all cases, it is detrimental to our children to step on their dreams in life!

          I think this is the main reason why so many adults today do not believe in the Secrets of Success because their school, friends and even parents talk them out of it. But, if we think back to our childhood, isn’t it amazing when we were kids that most of the time when we really DESIRED something, when we really wanted something so bad, we usually achieved it. Why? Because the Secrets of Success were working on our behalf. 

What is the difference now?  What has changed?

There is POWER in having a Definite Purpose on your Desires, Dreams and Passions.

          The more I talk to people about the Secrets of Success, the more I realize that people have lost their way. People do not even know what their DESIRES are anymore, they do not know what they want in life! And, If they do know, most of the time it is so vague and generalized, it is meaningless.

This is the main reason why people are not achieving Greatness in their lives, because they have no clue on what they want. If you have no clue on what you want, or it is vague and generalized, then how in the world can you expect to achieve it?

There is POWER with our Imagination!

          Another important item that holds people back from achieving Wealth, Health and Prosperity is they have no  Imagination. They have an Imagination of a rock. The question is, “If you don’t have a great Imagination, how can you see yourself achieving your Desires and Dreams in life?” The answer is you cannot. You have to be able so actually see yourself accomplishing your Dreams, Desires and Passions in your Life. 

          Especially for us adults! Once we got out of school or college, we have been conditioned by society to think more realistic, and our Imagination became noted as “you are a dreamer, get with reality, son!” But, did you know that the most successful, the ultra wealthy and successful in any business or background has developed a keen sense and sharpness of their Imagination? 

The Hidden Secret! Our Mastermind Group!

          This leads us to the greatest fault of all when it comes to the Secret of Success, and that is developing a Mastermind Group and staying clear of Negative Influencers. A Mastermind Group is a fancy word for having mentors/coaches in your life; and having a close entrustment with these members that you can come to them about anything and they will guide and uplift you. 

          This is a tricky topic because this leads to the Great Curse of Middle America, and this curse is having a know-it-all mentality. I have it all figured out!  I do not need anybody’s help or I do not need a Mentor! But, you know what? The ultra successful and wealthy, again, have mastered their Mastermind Group. They have MASTERED the thought of having mentors in their life! 

The Downfall of Negative Influencers

All most all of us have this issue in our lives today, even if we know it or agree with it or not. Negative people only hold you back, PERIOD! This is easy to recognize when someone constantly puts you down or complains non-stop but I see this commonly in relationships. Now, of course, I am not a relationship expert in noway, but I do  know a great deal of Psychology and our Mind.

     Most of the time, our boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses or significant others holds us back if it is not a 100% compatibility with our mentalities. Meaning, we all have seen a woman who desires greatness and believes in the secrets of success dating a dud of a guy. Somebody who does have the same mentality. The sad thing is, if the woman stays in the relationship too long, she too, drops her standards and limits her mentality of success. She too, starts to drift slowly believing as her boyfriend! And, this applies vice versa and in any relationship!

          If you do not believe me, let me give you another example, if you take an adult or a teenager and expose him or her to violence or a gang, if he or she is in that environment too long, they become accustomed to it and then they become influenced by it. It ultimately changes them. 

The point is we cannot continually hang around people & think it does not affect us either Positive or Negative. 

  • The POWER is within a Mastermind Group!
  • The Power is staying clear of Negative Influencers!

The Power is within our Subconscious Mind

          This leads us to the Great Subconscious Mind! Now, to keep it simple, our Subconscious Mind is our Emotional Mind. It responds to Emotion. This is the issue with most adults is that majority of their emotions are mixed with some type of fear, jealousy, hatred, revenge, greed, anger, superstition and the list can go on and on. I challenge you to sit down and really reflect on your life and you will realize that most of your emotions are connected to one of the above mentioned negative emotions. 

          Where adults are mostly missing the mark is that they are letting these Negative Emotions control them. What I mean by this, it controls our Subconscious Mind because remember, our Subconscious Mind is our Emotional Mind. It responds to Emotion. And, this is one reason why the secret of success does not work. Or, better be told, it works but works in a negative way. You are attracting negativity in your life.

          Our Subconscious Mind is connected to our Belief System, and our Belief System is our core of who we are; who we REALLY are, what we really Believe. We might be able to fool other people and we might be able to fool other people for a long time, but what CANNOT fool ourselves. We cannot fool our core infrastructure of WHO we really are!

          Our Subconscious Mind then is ULTIMATELY connected to a Self-Fulfilled Prophecy! We are where we are today because of the result of our Belief System! The life that you have today, is a direct result of your Belief System. If you want a better life, then we must change your Belief System. 

Persistence is the Key!

          This leads us to the key concept of  “How a 12-year old Boy Mastered the Secrets of Success” is with  Persistence! This is the most underrated term today because most people lack the power to stay Persistent or Consistent. Mainly because we all have been conditioned to have immediate gratification. We want results Now. And, of course, companies, sales people and gurus in all industries jump on board with the whole immediate gratification gimmick. The sad news is that this is what holds most people back from achieving their passions, dreams and desires in their life. 

          We see this first and foremost in the Health Industry constantly spreading the sales gimmick of immediate gratification, get results now, shortcuts to six pack abs, and so on and so on. But, it does not work. AND, then it spreads to all other areas of our life. It even spreads in all businesses, business consulting, self help, and personal Even when I go on social media, there are tons of up-and-comers marketing their services and products but just telling people what they want to hear (immediate gratification) just to sell product OR make money. 

          The bottom line, flush this thinking down the toilet immediately. The key to success is being Persistent and Consistent over a period of time. Do I know how much time? Of course not! But what I can tell you, with Persistence ALWAYS comes SUCCESS!

How a 12-Year Old Boy Mastered the Secrets of Success

How a 12-Year Old Boy Mastered the Secrets of Success

         The Secrets of Success work! But, unfortunately for children, they work because children are NATURALLY using them. They are more acceptable to the Laws of Nature. They are not questioning anything. They just BELIEVE and have FAITH in their BELIEFS. Simple as that!

          This is what most adults have lost. They have lost their ability to DREAM BIG; to have GREAT DESIRES and Great PASSIONS in life. They are lost their ability to have a GREAT IMAGINATION! The bottom line is this...if you cannot see Success, then how is Success going to be attracted to YOU. The real answer is that “it will not!”

          There is a POSITIVE to this dilemma! We can change it. John Maxwell said it best, “We are the problem, but we are the solution to that problem.” First, you have to believe and really believe that you can have anything in this life! You can live a life of your Dreams. You really can! But, first, you must MASTER the Laws of Success! Does it take work? You bet it does! But, the fact of the matter is that “IT WORKS!”

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